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There’s no replacement for experience. We’ve spent the last few decades in the construction industry, and would be happy to help you continue to age in place. We offer our clients two services: assessment and project management.  



An assessment by Aging In Place will focus on:

Ease of use



At your assessment meeting, we will discuss your particular circumstances and perform a complete review of your home and how you live in it, taking note of your routines, your routes and your sightlines. We will separate the modifications that should be done now from those you can delay.


After this review, you will receive a complete written report to help you analyze your priorities and timelines.

What might Aging In Place suggest in its assessment? 

During the course of your assessment, all areas of your home will be carefully reviewed to identify safety concerns. We will draw upon our knowledge and experience in building and renovating homes to provide an even more comprehensive service. Some areas of your home that we will look at are:

  • Home Exterior

  • Overall Floor Plan

  • Garage or Carport

  • Windows

  • Thresholds

  • Entry

  • Ramps

  • Hallways

  • Stairways

  • Interior Doors

  • Kitchens

  • Laundry area

  • Appliances

  • Bathrooms

  • Storage areas

  • Flooring

  • Electrical

  • Lighting

  • Security

  • Heating/Cooling

  • Ventilation

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Maintenance

  • Convenience Features


Project Management

Aging In Place also offers project management, in which we will quote on performing and managing your home’s modifications. While you’ll continue to make all the major decisions, we will put our team to work for you with the implementation.


Project management would involve:

  • Clearly defining the goals

  • Setting a schedule

  • Providing design options

  • Prepare building plans, if required

  • Obtaining building permits, if required

  • Vetting the tradespeople

  • Managing the tradespeople

  • Cleanup of the site

  • Ensuring adherence to the schedule

  • Communicating regularly with the client

  • Ensuring client satisfaction

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